Gift Certificates

The Door County Gift Certificate is a perfect way to let your friends and family explore the natural beauty of the county and Live Life Well.  Available in Denominations of $10, $25 and $50 - and honored at hundreds of local businesses. 


- Door County gift certificates can be used towards almost any purchase you make in Door County.  You can use them towards your lodging , at restaurants, for shopping, attractions, performances, groceries, tours and more!

- All businesses in Door County are encouraged to accept Door County Gift Certificates. Some chain stores such as McDonald's, Subway, Target and Walmart do not accept them. It is recommended to ask the business beforehand.  Click HERE to see what businesses have accepted gift certificates.

- Door County Gift Certificates never expire!  Older ones issued did have an expiration date on them, but they can still be used.  You don't need to exchange these for newer ones. 

- If your total purchase is less than the amount of the gift certificate, you should be given cash back, just as if you were spending cash.  

Door County Gift Certificates can be purchased HERE, at the Door County Visitor Bureau located at 1015 Green Bay Rd, in Sturgeon Bay or by calling 800-527-3529.  Any questions? Never hesitate to call!