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Door County Pledge

Door County is a truly special place. Its peaceful beauty and cultural heritage are what draw so many adventurous spirits to this place we call home. It is in our nature and wholesome midwestern genes to share what we love with others.
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I will respect the water’s vast and unpredictable beauty

and practice water safety at all times

What’s at stake?

Clean and Accessible Water

Door County is intrinsically tied to the waters of Lake Michigan. It defines who we are and where we came from.

Please keep our waters clean and free from invasive species by practicing responsible travel while you’re here.

I will honor the local culture and traditions

by exploring with an open heart and mind

What’s at stake?

Cultural Heritage and Tradition

Door County is steeped in Scandinavian tradition and a deeply rooted maritime culture. Many locals carry on these traditions and honor them every day—through work, education, and offering visitor experiences.

While you explore and seek enrichment from the unique cultural assets of our county, please be careful while interacting with historical landmarks and attractions to ensure they remain for future generations to enjoy.

I will follow the trails and paths

letting only my mind wander

What’s at stake?

Degradation of Natural Environment

As more and more people flock to the iconic, natural attractions in hopes of capturing that Instagram-worthy photo, the threshold on the capacity of those places is getting pushed to its limits.

Our environment is fragile, please travel with care so these places remain intact for others to enjoy.

I will discover my sense of wonder

while finding new and undiscovered places

What’s at stake?

Quality of Life for Residents

We are a county with a year-round population of 28,000. We welcome almost 2.5 million visitors every year—many of whom visit May through October. We share our home—where we live, work, and play—with you.

Please be respectful and courteous to our residents so they can continue to enjoy living and working here as much as you love exploring.

I will embrace nature’s wild spirit

leaving it perfectly unchanged

What’s at stake?

Habitat and Quality of Life for Flora and Fauna

The Door County peninsula and Washington Island are surrounded by the fresh waters of Lake Michigan. With 300 miles of both rocky and sandy shoreline, limestone cliffs, endless acres of cherry trees, and beautiful parks and preserves brimming with flora and fauna, our home is truly a sight to behold.

We welcome you to come, enjoy and experience the wildness of Door County but please do so with respect, care, and minimal impact.

I will do my part to preserve, protect, and care for Door County, always.

5,722 people have pledged to explore Door County responsibly.
Will you?

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Partner Resources

The assets in our toolkit are available to those looking to help spread the Care for Door County message and movement. You will find assets meant to be used digitally as well as some that can be printed for your own use.

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