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Orchards & Farms in Door County

The Flavors of Door County Start Here

Agriculture has played an important role in Door County’s culture and economy since the 1800s. These days, Door County is still home to many family-owned and -operated orchards that produce cherries and apples as well as farms that focus on berries, dairy, and other products. With their dedication to locally sourced food, these farms supply food and produce to local families, grocers, and chefs so they can craft dishes that truly capture the Door County farm-to-table spirit.

An orchard filled with fruit trees.

Local Flavor: What We're Growing

Cherries are a staple at local orchards and are ripe for the picking mid-July to mid-August. The cherry industry is a staple of Door County and has a long history on the peninsula. At one point, Door County grew 10% of all cherries in the country!

While not as well known as the cherry, apples are a mainstay of Door County orchards too. In fall, stock up on fresh apples, apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, applesauce, and more. Apples are ripe mid-September to mid-October.

Wine & Fruit Wine
Many of the orchards in the county produce their own wines, including some varieties that are made with local fruit. Look for local wines at grocery stores, farmers markets, and restaurants.

Preserves & Spreadables
Many orchards and farm stands offer homemade jams, jellies, preserves, pickled veggies, apple and fruit butters, mustards, cheese spreads, and more. Each place creates its own unique flavors, so make sure you try a bit of every business's options!

Crates of gords.

Where to Find Door County Foods

Not all orchards have them, but some hold seasonal festivals to celebrate the harvest. Farm festivals in Door County typically include a lot of family activities, including cherry pit spitting contests, hayrides, fruit picking, food, live music, and more.

Country Stores
Country stores can be found alongside highways and backroads all across the peninsula and Washington Island. Most carry a wide selection of local produce and artisan goods, making them great for pitstops or an activity all on their own.

Farmers Markets
Another way to experience local agriculture is through farmers markets. Many growers sell fresh produce, meats and cheese, packaged goods, flowers and plants, crafts, and more.

Roadside Farm Stands
If you keep your eyes peeled while driving, you can also find roadside stands selling farm-fresh produce and goods. As you drive from place to place, see if you can spot a sign advertising fresh produce. They might take you off the beaten path, but the flavor is well worth it.

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