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Woman in a historical costume holding a basket.

Historical Trips

Stories, Traditions, & Customs of Yesteryear, Experienced Today

History is all around us in Door County, from the lighthouses, shipwrecks, and still-thriving maritime industry to the architecture, cuisine, placenames, spiritual sites, and other cultural attractions. Much has changed since this land was first inhabited by Paleo-Indians and Native Americans and later Scandinavian, Belgian, and Icelandic settlers, but their stories, traditions, and cultural practices are still found and celebrated throughout Door County today.

Travel to the Past

People sitting around a large fire at a fish boil.

Traditional Fish Boils

Fish boils are an integral part of Door County, WI tradition and have been one of the area’s most alluring tourist attractions for more than 70 years.
A woman walking up a path to a lighthouse.

Historical Museums

Door County history lives on in literature, art, cuisine, architecture, and cultural traditions, but it also persists at local museums and historical centers throughout the county.
A small white stone chapel.

Belgian Chapels

Visit one of Door County, WI's famous roadside chapels. The chapels of Northeast Wisconsin represent an old-world religious tradition that dates to the 1870s.
A motor boat pulling up to a cliff line.

Scenic Tours

Learn more about Door County attractions, regional history, and gorgeous landscapes by taking a scenic tour through forests, through cherry orchards, or along shorelines.
A lighthouse in the distance with a sailboat in the foreground.


Explore the 11 famous Wisconsin lighthouses in Door County, WI. Find great photo opportunities, take guided tours, and get a taste of local maritime history.

Shipwrecks & Shipwreck Diving

Door County is a treasure trove of Great Lakes shipwrecks and shipwreck diving. More than 275 wrecks remain at the bottom of the lake, and dozens can be explored by boat, kayak, or wreck diving.

Here's Where to Eat, Drink, & Stay

Events You May Like

People watching a large bonfire.

Fyr Bal Festival

Historical marker in front of flags.

Brussels Annual Belgian Days

Tall sailing ship in front of a steel bridge.

Shipyard Tours

Point of view from shallow water offshore looking in on a lighthouse on an island.

Door County Lighthouse Festival

Discover Our Living History

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Aerial view shot of a boat floating over a shipwreck.

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