Eco-Friendly Travel

Explore, Discover, & Revel Responsibly

An eco-friendly vacation is one spent exploring extraordinary outdoor spaces while being mindful and respectful of your personal impact on the environments you visit. This might take the form of ensuring your vacation activities have a minimal impact on the land or wildlife, thoroughly researching and preparing for an outdoor adventure, ensuring you leave no trace while hiking or camping, supporting Door County businesses and industries when you shop, or volunteering for a cause while you’re in town.

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Sustainable Adventures Around Every Corner

The Family-Time Sustainability Bucket List

With more and more visitors seeking outdoor-centric activities that they know won’t harm the local environment or ecosystems, we’ve compiled a list of 25 fun-filled, family-friendly activities perfect for teaching kids about the beauty of the great outdoors.

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Want to join the movement to Care for Door County but not sure where to start? Start by volunteering! Many Door County organizations rely heavily on volunteers to carry out their mission and keep things running day to day, year after year.

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Farmers Markets

The Door County farmers market experience offers the chance to meet the local farmers and food purveyors, try their products, and take home some Door County delicacies. Buying local isn’t just a catch phrase—it's a way of life here.

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Geocaching: Naturalist Treasure Hunting

Looking for a new and adventurous activity to keep you outdoors this summer? Give geocaching a try and go on an app-guided outdoor treasure hunt that can take you into the woods, along the beaches, and through the small towns of Door County.

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Door County Coastal Byway

The Door County Coastal Byway is a 66-mile stretch of highway that offers drivers, sightseers, and experienced road bikers a condensed tour of the Door peninsula and many of its iconic natural features.

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Quiz: Find Your Travel Style

Scroll through this series of images and check the ones that depict the activities and experiences you’re interested in. Then, we’ll help identify your top trip styles and provide you with the activities, businesses, and attractions you’ll like the most.