in Door County

A Flourishing Food Scene, Off the Trodden Path

Door County’s culinary influences may date back to the 1800s when Icelandic, Scandinavian, and European settlers began immigrating here, but the region’s position as a Midwestern culinary powerhouse is only a development of the last few decades. These days, you can find everything up here from kid-friendly fast-casual spots to classic Wisconsin supper clubs to pubs serving gourmet burgers and wings to fine-dining restaurants embracing the latest in global food trends.

What Are You in the Mood For?

Have a specific food or cuisine in mind? Use the images below to narrow your search for the perfect dish. You'll be taken to Door County's Hankr page where you can browse an array of local restaurants' food offerings or even search by dish, dietary restriction, flavor, and more.

  • In a Cherry State of Mind

    In Door County, cherries aren’t just a highly snackable fruit or mere garnish for old-fashioneds—they’re a full-on lifestyle. You’ll find cherry-infused food and drinks on restaurant menus, cherry stories and references in our museums, jams and jellies on country stores’ shelves, and countless cherry references and imagery among the shops, businesses, art, and culture of the region.

  • Flavors of the North

    We take food pretty seriously up here. If that cheese curd doesn’t squeak or that pie is filled with some other peninsula’s cherries, you can just forget ‘em. So, in honor of our region’s vast network of Swedish, Icelandic, Belgian, and other Western-European influences, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most iconic Door County dishes around.

  • Putting it All On the Vine

    Door County has become a true contender in the wine scene with its signature cherry and fruit wines as well as its many familiar grape varietals, much in thanks to the fact our humble peninsula and islands happen to be atop the 45th parallel—the same latitudinal circle famous for running through many notable wine-producing regions, including the Bordeaux in France.

  • No Morel Quandary Here

    Mushroom hunting, particularly for morels, is a springtime mainstay up here. A day or two after a rainfall, local chefs and ‘shroom-spotters head into the woods. Once the gatherers have a basketful of tasty, earthy mushrooms, they take them home to use in a wide variety of dishes, many of which you’ll find on restaurant menus later that day or week.

Looking for a Group-Friendly Restaurant?

Door County has dozens of restaurants that can accommodate large groups of travelers. So whether you need to feed 5, 10, 50, or 400 people, there’s a spot to get grub for your whole group.

Find Vegetarian, Vegan, & Gluten-Free Dining

In search of a meal without meat, animal products, or gluten? Check out this primer on restaurants in Door County that typically serve up your favorite health-conscious dishes.

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Take an in-depth tour of the local culinary scene in the Dished Up video series where chefs and owners give you an inside look at their signature dishes and cooking styles.

Take in All the Flavors of Door County

Explore these food-forward features to get a feel for what an authentic Door County food experience is like.

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The Savor Door County video series serves up instructions on how to craft a few distinctively Door County meals.