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History, Fine Arts, and Water Sports Collide in Ephraim

No community embodies and values its heritage like Ephraim. Embedded in the harbor with a panoramic view of Peninsula State Park’s Eagle Bluff and Horseshoe Island, Ephraim has preserved its Norwegian and Moravian roots by making them a part of its modern life.

A historic logging pier finds new life as an art gallery, an impossible fire station becomes a museum, and log cabins are reborn as coffee shops and storefronts. The past is alive in Ephraim, where it all sits on the beautiful shoreline where you can soak up the views of sailboats, kite boarders, or hop on a paddleboard yourself.

And each June you can celebrate with them at Fyr Bal festival, which recreates the celebrations of Midsummer’s Eve by early Norwegian settlers. Learn more at


5 Must-Dos in Ephraim

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