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Stoke Your Creativity in Door County

Art is woven into the fabric of everyday life in Door County. Photographers, painters, sculptors, glass blowers, designers, writers, musicians, actors, and creative luminaries of all stripes call the county home or visit here often to find artistic inspiration. Between world-class music venues, art galleries and studios, theater groups, museums, and historic art schools, Door County has an abundance of ways to take in the local art scene and find creative inspiration of your own.

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Door County: Artist’s Paradise

Theater & Performing Arts

Nearly a dozen performing arts organizations call Door County home, filling the calendar with theatrical, comedic, symphonic, and musical performances, all from across the spectrum of genre and style.

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Art Galleries & Studios

More than 100 galleries and studios can be found in villages, towns, and tucked amidst the countryside of Door County, giving visitors a chance to view their creativity, and to see the artists at work.

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Live Music

From outdoor music series and festivals to the varied live music venues tucked into every community, the local music scene provides the soundtrack to Door County life.

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Art Schools

Take part in the Door County art scene and learn a little from the artists that call Door County home.

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