Culinary Weekends

Flavors of the Past & Future

Whether you’re seeking the finest of modern fine-dining experiences or the best bite you can find in an out-of-the-way roadside stop, Door County has an eatery that fits the bill. Those passionate about food will discover a lesser-known culinary destination with chefs and restaurant owners who are constantly inspired by the land, the lake, and the region's Scandinavian and Belgian ancestry. Come taste the authentic flavors and ingredients of the northeast Wisconsin food scene.

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Top Food & Drink Experiences

Introducing Hankr: Door County’s Visual Dining Guide

This image-based dining guide is the perfect starting point when planning out your trip’s meals or finding exactly what you crave right in the moment.

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The Foods that Define Us

Food and drink are undeniably huge parts of our lives. They’re also some of the most accessible avenues for understanding a region and its historical and cultural influences.

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Fish Boils

Fish boils are an integral part of Door County, WI tradition and have been one of the area’s most alluring tourist attractions for more than 70 years.

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Wineries, Breweries, & Distilleries

Door County wines, beers, and liquors are taking over taverns and pubs throughout the Midwest.

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Door County’s geography and climate make it prime for growing bountiful cherry trees. Learn more about the region's iconic cherry wine, pick-your own cherries, cherry recipes, and everything else cherry.

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