Gills Rock:
Door County’s
Historic Fishing Village

Historic With A View in Gills Rock

History comes alive in Gills Rock, where commercial fishermen still head out to the waters of Lake Michigan all year, and the Door County Maritime Museum tells Door County’s origin story. It’s all done with a view here because the village cradles Hedgehog Harbor, with its pristine bluffs and sunset views.

This tiny village packs plenty to explore, from adventurous wilderness parks to historic shipwrecks off the shore. Learn more at

Gills Rock Restaurants

Restaurants in Gills Rock

This small town packs authentic eating experiences. Dining with a stunning sunset view, smoked fish fresh off the boat, and homemade jams and pies from a farmstand make it worth the drive to the country. The Gills Rock restaurant list is a short one, but a delicious one.

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Gills Rock Favorites

Things to Do in Gills Rock

A photographer’s paradise with rustic fishing piers and boats, gorgeous sunsets, rustic back roads made for postcards, and two sprawling shoreline parks, Gills Rock packs much to do in a tiny town. Hike in secluded wilderness that will make you forget you’re in one of the Midwest’s most popular destinations, or bike through some of the most beautiful canopies in the region. In Gills Rock, you’ll find activities that change your state of mind.

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7 Must-Dos in Gills Rock

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