Ellison Bay:
A Haven for Artists,
Nature-lovers, and Explorers

Art and Nature Collide in Ellison Bay

For decades the tiny village of Ellison Bay has attracted artists, writers, and dreamers whose influence you’ll witness strolling Main Street today. Quirky public art, galleries where the artist answers the door, and eclectic shops showcasing foreign culture all call Ellison Bay home.

This hamlet is also home to craft cocktails and classic diners, revered storekeepers, old-school supper clubs, and, to top it off, some of the most stunning views in the county. Learn more at




Ellison Bay Insider

Insider Ellison Bay

Go North! A Delightful Day in Ellison Bay

Yesterday, I hopped in my convertible, Betty Blue, put on some bluegrass tunes, and drove north to spend the afternoon in beautiful Ellison Bay. There's something...

5 Must-Dos in Ellison Bay

Captured in Ellison Bay

Historic rural buildings, gorgeous bluff-top vistas, and the quiet bayside waterfront make this a great place for photographers. Submit your pictures of Ellison Bay for a chance to be published.

Visit to find out how.

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