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Agriculture has played an important role in Door County’s economy since the 1800s. More specifically, Door County is home to many family owned and operated orchards that produce mainly cherries and apples, as well as family farms that focus on dairy products.

The cherry industry is a staple of Door County and has a long and interesting history on the peninsula. At one point, Door County was annually harvesting 10 percent of all cherries grown in the country!

While not as noticed as the cherry, Door County falls bring about a variety of delicious apples. Not only can you buy apples but also apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, applesauce and more. It is like Door County’s own pumpkin spice craze!

Not to be forgotten are also the many family owned farms that specialize in dairy and/or produce. With their dedication to locally sourced food, many family farms on the peninsula supply food and produce to local restaurants so that they can create and feature true Door County dishes.

With the cherry and apple orchards and the farm fields and dairy products being locally sourced and produced in Door County, visitors will find plenty of orchards and farms to visit, dishes to taste, and products to take home with them.

Experience Door County Orchards and Farms
Here are a few suggestions of things to do to get the full Door County farm and orchard experience. 

Cherry and Apple picking:
It’s a staple at Door County orchards. Cherries are ripe for the picking mid-July to mid-August and apples come in mid-September to mid-October. 

Sidenote: There are farms that allow picking of other crops like strawberries and raspberries. You just have to look around a bit. 

Wine Tasting:
Many of the orchards in the county produce their own wine, including some varieties that are made with local fruit. So when you stop in, check to see if they have anything for you to try. Learn more about the Door County wine scene in this video

Food Sampling:
If the orchard you stop by doesn’t have wine, no worries, they are bound to have a plethora of homemade jams, jellies, mustards, and spreads to try. Each place creates its own unique flavors, so make sure you try a bit of everyone’s options! 

Not all orchards have them but some hold seasonal festivals to celebrate harvest seasons and include a lot of family fun activities including cherry pit spitting contests, hayrides, cherry/apple picking, food, live music, and more! 

Farmers Markets and Roadside Sellers:
Another way to experience local agriculture is through farmers markets. Many farmers and growers will bring their fresh produce and homemade products to sell.

If you keep your eyes peeled you can also find roadside sellers. As you drive from place to place see if you can spot a sign advertising fresh produce. They might take you off the beaten path but the flavor is well worth it. 

Come fall, many farms open their fields for picking, pumpkin harvests, and family activities. 

Time to start your own exploration of Door County orchards and farms. Check out these orchards, farms, and farm markets to see what goodies you can find!