Arts & Culture

Delight in Door County’s Artistic Spirit

The landscape, culture, and creative energy of Door County have attracted artists and art-lovers for nearly a century. From painters and sculptors to performers and musicians to poets and writers, the Door peninsula has been home to countless creative types, and they’ve more than left their mark. They’ve created a vibrant and robust arts scene that continues to expand with every year.

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6 Ways to Experience the Arts in Door County

Performance Arts

Nearly a dozen performing arts organizations call Door County home, filling the calendar with theatrical, comedic, symphonic, and musical performances, all from across the spectrum of genre and style. Explore Local Theaters and Venues>

Hands-On Arts Education

Visitors to Door County can find fine arts and crafts classes taught by nationally recognized artist educators in all media, for all levels. A Midwest vacation can be a growth experience for those who want to broaden the scope of their own artistic expressions and knowledge as well as those who simply want to enjoy a paint-and-wine night or an afternoon of crafting with the kids. Find Hands-On Art Opportunities >

Live Music & Concerts

Live music is staple entertainment up here. From outdoor music series and festival lineups to open-mic nights and bands playing in bars and coffee shops, music and the togetherness it breeds can be found all over the peninsula. Find Live Music >

Artists’ Galleries & Studios

Sprinkled through the towns and along the back roads, more than one hundred galleries, studios, and exhibits offer the opportunity to experience original works of stunning diversity. Meet the artists at work and watch the process unfold. Meet Three Local Artists >

Arts & Crafts

Craft and maker culture is in full force in Door County. Craft vendors can be found lining the marketplaces at nearly every festival and event, and artists’ workspaces are hidden in plain sight in nearly every community. You’ll also find artists’ wares in their renovated barns and farmhouses, public classes and workshops, farmers markets, and roadside stands. Attend an Arts and Crafts Fair >

Cultural Venues

Over the years, artists who’ve made their homes here have established arts and culture venues where they and others can explore, learn, and create. Consider checking out Crossroads at Big Creek, the Sievers School of Fiber Arts, the Clearing Folk School, and Write On! Door County, in addition to the many art schools, art and history museums, and pop-up shops and exhibits. Find More Arts & Cultural Experiences >

Video: The Nature of Art

Thanks to sweeping landscapes, extreme seasonal changes, a relatively isolated location, locals who are open-minded and -hearted, and a set of topographical features that rivals even the most famous of destinations, Door County has a long history of inspiring artists and their works. See how art and nature came to be so intimately entwined in this edition of Our Door County.

Watch: Arts & Culture

Let the beauty and serenity of Door County be your muse. Immerse yourself in one of the nation's most vibrant, authentic art scenes where the landscape and culture attract artists from all over.