Washington Island:
Wisconsin's Island Getaway

Watch: Serenity is a Ferry Ride Away

Death’s Door is Just the Start of the Adventure on Washington Island

Washington Island is your destination for adventure in Door County. It starts with a five-mile ferry ride across the once-treacherous waters of Death’s Door, where Green Bay and Lake Michigan meet. Once ashore, embark on a tour of one-of-a-kind shopping, eating, and outdoor fun hosted by the 600 residents who call the island home.

Here you’ll find the famous Schoolhouse Beach as well as 10 other amazing island parks and beaches. Music and theater performances, quirky traditions, and lavender farms are all part of the experience. Those looking for another step removed can take their journey to remote Rock Island State Park. Learn more about the community at

Washington Island Restaurants

Restaurants on Washington Island

As you might expect on an island, fish is a staple on menus here, whether it’s boiled, fried, broiled, or grilled. It’s all fresh and all served in family-owned taverns, fine restaurants, and family drive-ins. Mix with the hearty year-round residents at the community coffee klatch and eat local in a place where you almost have to.

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Washington Island Favorites

Things to Do on Washington Island

You’ve got to visit one of the island's 11 glorious parks—just don't forget your Washington Island Parks Pass! You can also eat a lawyer (kind of!) or visit the Sievers School of Fiber Arts. Play a round of golf at the Deer Run Golf Course. Rent a boat, moped, or UTV and tour the island.

Take the Karfi Ferry to Rock Island for a visit to a beautiful sand beach, primitive walk-in camping, hiking trails, a trip to Wisconsin’s oldest lighthouse, and a tour of the majestic Thordarson Boathouse. Or just leave your stress on the mainland and relax.

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Washington Island Insider

History of Death's Door

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Traveling Death's Door

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BLOG: Hike Rock Island State Park

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4 Must-Dos in Washington Island

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