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Camping Under the Stars

If you prefer to sleep under the stars with a blazing campfire nearby, Door County has a wide variety of options just for you. From remote, rustic camping to full amenities and log cabin rentals, find your site in the county’s quiet forests.

Before you fire up that campfire, remember that it’s always best to get your firewood locally to prevent the spread of disease. If you’re camping in a state park, any firewood must be cut within ten miles of that park. State parks and private campgrounds typically sell bundles of firewood at their offices. Otherwise, many locals sell firewood in roadside stands.

Rustic Camping
There are a few sites that offer the most adventurous of backpackers and woodsmen their sanctuary. Rustic sites are typically those you must walk to, carrying your gear with you. Newport and Rock Island State Park have the only rustic, walk-in campsites and many of them are first-come, first-served.

Standard Campgrounds
Load up the SUV with the kids, tents, sleeping bags and all of the s’mores fixings and set off for state park or private campgrounds that dot the entire peninsula. Rates vary from $15 to $40 depending on the amenities offered at the park. Standard campgrounds can include as little as a bathroom building and as much as a pool, game room and basketball courts.

Camping Resorts
Take advantage of all that a relaxing Door County resort vacation has to offer while staying close to the great outdoors. Bring your RV or your big rig in tow and stay at one of many luxurious camping resorts that have everything you need as a home base for your exploration of the peninsula.

A Year-Round Activity
Some campgrounds, including many in the state parks, provide campsites throughout the winter months. If you’re looking for true solitude and don’t mind being bundled up, try winter camping. After all, the only thing better than a campfire is a campfire during a snowfall.


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