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The Ice Age Trail

More than 10,000 years ago, a massive glacial ice flow moved across current-day Wisconsin, leaving in its trail a veritable wonderland of tree-lined escarpments, kames, moraines, drumlins, prairies, lakes, rivers, eskers, and other geological wonders. The Ice Age Trail provides ambitious thru-hikers a grand, 1,200-mile tour of these highlights as well as the opportunity to test their physical and spiritual mettle. For those more inclined to spend a few hours on the trail rather than a few months, the Sturgeon Bay segment is a 13-mile trek packing as much scenic punch as any other segment and runs from Southern Door to the terminus in Potawatomi State Park.

Ice Age trailhead in the trees

The trail follows the edge of the continental glacier that sculpted much of the landscape of current-day Wisconsin.

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While most people opt for day hikes, some hearty hikers set out to thru-hike all 1,200+ miles in a single go, typically taking 2-4 months.

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The eastern terminus is located in Potawatomi State Park, meaning any thru-hiker who completes the trail starts or ends in Door County.

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Hikers will find some of the state’s finest landscapes, geological features, waterways, and wildlife, making it a full tour of Wisconsin glaciation.

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Around 20 miles of the IAT run through Door County, including the Sturgeon Bay and Forestville segments.

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A Walk in the Woods

It’s just you, your hiking boots, and the open trail as you trace the shape of the last continental glacier and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.

Day Hikes in Door County

If you’re seeking a longer trek that will take at least a few hours, check out these nearby day hikes.