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Indoor Activities for Snowy or Rainy Days


Nothing beats a beautiful summer day or a peaceful winter afternoon in Door County, but at some point, you might encounter inclement weather and be forced to enact a Plan B for the day.

But don’t fret: Door County has a plethora of indoor activities and experiences that can keep the whole gang entertained and prevent a day being lost to waiting out the weather and staring at screens. 

Plus, rain and snow days are great times to explore sides of Door County you may haven’t seen yet or didn’t know existed.

Tuck away these 10 ideas so you’re prepared the next time your outdoor plans are foiled by rain, snow, or other elements.

1. History & Art Museums:
Kill the winter blues with a feel-good trip to a museum. Door County boasts two locations of the Door County Maritime Museum (in Sturgeon Bay and Gills Rock), historical museums, a Belgian Heritage Center, and two art museums—the Francis Hardy Center for the Arts and the Miller Art Museum.

2. Get Hands-On at an Art Class: Inspire your creative side and attend a make-your-own-art class or other DIY art event. Many are kid-friendly!

3. Attend a Show or Performance: Even in the off-season, the arts scene here thrives. Try to catch a play, concert, exhibit, or other arts experience to support local artists and performers and find some creative inspiration.

4. Treat Yourself to a Fine Meal: If you’ve had visiting a Wisconsin supper club on your bucket list, a rainy or snowy evening may be the perfect time. Or, consider a meal at a fine-dining restaurant if you want a full culinary experience with fine wines, coursed menus, and world-class food.

5. Indulge a Little at a Bar, Brewery, or Winery: If you’re a fan of spirits of any kind, Door County has you covered. Be sure to hit up at least one brewery, winery, or cidery. Many offer facility tours, sampling and tasting rooms, and light food menus. If the harder stuff isn’t for you, coffee shops selling coffees, teas, specialty drinks, and baked goods are also plentiful and perfect for a low-key day.

6. Indoor Pools: If you’re lucky (or strategic), your hotel, resort, or other lodging might just have an indoor pool perfect for off-days.

Kids jumping into an indoor pool with snow and ice outside.

7. Indoor Nature Centers: Nature preserves like Crossroads at Big Creek, The Ridges Sanctuary, and the Jacobsen Museum feature indoor facilities, exhibits, and nature programming great for an off-weather day. Both centers also offer year-round hiking trails and beautiful outdoor spaces, if you are willing to brave the elements.

8. Back to Basics: When in doubt, go for a classic, such as bowling, a cooking class, a spa visit, cooking up peninsula-inspired dishes, or good old-fashioned beers or drinks at the bar.

9. Cozy Up with Books or Games: The Write On! center as well as many book stores and other stores that sell books also have games, crafts, and other quiet-time activities. Door County’s numerous community libraries also offer books and indoor entertainment.

Books, toys, and games at a public library

10. Go Outside Anyway: It may be cold, rainy, snowy, icy, windy, or whatever, but incredible satisfaction can be had from gearing up, braving the elements, and embracing a few hours on the trail, whether hiking, running, snowshoeing, skiing, or just sight-seeing. 

Even when the weather won’t cooperate, or if you just need some slower, quieter activities for a day, Door County has plenty to do indoors as well as out.

If you’re looking for even more snowy day or rainy day activities, check out this list of additional indoor entertainment options:

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