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Cherry Blossoms

Come each May, travelers arrive in Door County from far and wide to see the spectacular pageantry of cherry blossom trees, just as they do in Washington D.C., Seattle, Tokyo, and beyond. But unlike those busy big cities, Door County’s highways, byways, orchards, farmlands, and sidewalks will still be quiet and uncrowded. On a soft spring morning, take a bike ride or a scenic drive to capture a few photographs of the blossoms, take in their faint but deeply pleasant aroma, admire the delicate white and pink petals, and witness one of springtime's most dazzling displays up close.

Cherry blossoms typically peak in mid-May. Over a 2-week period, the blossoms will sweep from south to north, coloring the countryside with their white and pink hues.

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Door County has more than 2,000 acres of cherry trees, so the lovely petals and blossoms will be easy to spot from the road.

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As you wander through an orchard, be sure to admire the delicate flower petals and take in the gentle cherry aroma in the air.

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When the cherry plants start to bloom and blossom, act fast! They’ll only stick around for about two weeks before the petals fall.

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The blossoms make for a stunning backdrop for biking, hiking, geocaching, and driving adventures.

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A cherry margarita with the lake in the background

Cherry Juice Margarita

After a day spent hunting for cherry blossoms and appreciating their fragile beauty, keep the cherry party going with this local specialty.

Wind in the Cherry Trees

A gentle breeze passes through an orchard in bloom. The blossom petals flutter and the air fills with a light cherry smell.

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