Life is
Unique in Door County

Life is Unique in Door County

Only in Door County can you find the combination of 300 miles of shoreline, friendly Midwesterners, sandstone bluffs, art, and delicious delicacies. It’s what makes our Peninsula and Washington Island a favorite destination for getaways, weddings, vacations, and even staycations for the locals. Summer days are typically filled with day sun, swim, and family time but fall brings a quieter time that not everyone gets the pleasure of experiencing. A time that allows you to see the slower side, and discover the scenes you may not have had time for between exploring the lighthouses, orchards, and water activities. Fall lets you live life well on the road less traveled. Or the trail less traveled if that’s more your speed. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Our area is rich in state parks; we have 5 of them after all. But you may not be aware of the 19 county parks that fill our Peninsula and Washington Island. With hiking trails, lighthouses, beaches, bluffs, lookout towers and more, there’s something new to discover in each and every one of these parks.

While communities worldwide offer beautiful works of art, there’s something about Door County that keeps artists coming back for more. Home to dozens of galleries, art studios, and art classes, Door County’s relaxed atmosphere is the perfect setting for those expressionists. You’ll find art of all mediums here, from textile, to fiber, to pottery, and paint. With colorful blossoms, a quiet space to reflect, landscapes galore, and 300 miles of shoreline, there’s never a shortage of inspiration for artists. Explore their works of art and consider taking one home.

Try a traditional fish boil or dinner at a Wisconsin supper club. If you’re a native Wisconsinite, you probably grew up enjoying weekend visits to the local supper club, but for those of you coming from out of town, it’s a meal that’s not to be missed. Comfortable, classic, and all around wholesome, a traditional supper club dinner promises a unique atmosphere, proper cocktails, and time-honored recipes of home-style dinners. And whether you’re a Wisconsinite or not, you can’t miss a Door County fish boil. Read more about them here.

Where are your favorite off-the-grid places to live life well?

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