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Guide to Cherry Picking


Of all the cherry-centric activities, pick-your-own experiences may be the universal favorite.

There’s nothing quite like spending a hot summer’s day in a cherry orchard—breeze in your hair, sun on your face—plucking perfectly ripe cherries from the trees and collecting them in a pail, dreaming of the pies, jams, sauces, drinks, and baked goods you can make with them later.

Door County cherries are typically ripe between mid-July and mid-August, which means your summer trip is the perfect time to dive into the local cherry world and get the satisfaction that comes with harvesting your own fresh ingredients.

Here’s what you need to know before planning your cherry adventure.

Where to Go Cherry Picking

Not all orchards and farms offer pick-your-own-fruit experiences, but they’re all still worth a visit to see beautiful countryside and farmscapes, peruse artisan goods at their farm markets, and enjoy some rustic farm fun.

A few orchards that do have pick-your-own offerings:

Choice Orchards
View Details
(920) 743-8980

Door County Fruit Connection
View Details

Lautenbach's Orchard
View Details
(920) 868-3479

Soren's Valhalla Orchards
View Details
(920) 746-1102

Alexander’s Cherry Orchard
(920) 824-5113

Cherry Lane Orchards
(920) 856-6864

Hyline Orchard
(920) 868-3067

Kielar Akers Orchard
(920) 856-6978

Meleddy Cherry Orchard
(414) 379-6508

Paradise Farms Orchard
(920) 825-7274

Robertson Orchards
(920) 743-1351

Schartner’s Farm Market
(920) 743-8617

Seaquist Orchard
(920) 854-4199

What to Know About Cherries

The Science of Cherry Blossoms
Cherries don’t just emerge from tree branches ready to eat; the growing process takes months beginning in mid-April, once the weather begins to warm. Learn all about the cherry growth process and how local growers track progress each spring.

More on The Cherry Blossom Lifecycle

The Orchard Experience
If cherry picking is not the only farm activity you have your sights on, look no further. Door County’s many farm and orchard experiences offer a huge variety of cherry-filled products, artisan goods, art and crafts, and family and kids’ activities.

More on Where to Experience Cherries

The History of Cherry Picking
Cherries didn’t always grow on the Door Peninsula, but after a farmer and a horticulture professor began experimenting with cherry crops, they found the local terroir to be perfect for growing three different varieties, and the cherry craze officially began.

Read the History of Cherry Picking in Door County

Read Up on More Door County Delicacies

Cherries may be a local favorite, but they’re far from the only produce grown here. Find out which produce and foods you can expect at farms, orchards, and farmers markets

Headed to Door County this summer? Brush up on the Door County Leave No Trace 7 Principles.

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