Top 5 Beginner and Intermediate Dives in Door County

  1. Christina Nilsson is located in 15-20 feet of water just outside of Baileys Harbor. There is a mooring buoy placed there each season by the Wisconsin Historical Society. It is an easy dive, or snorkel or kayak for that matter, and there is a good amount of the ship’s hull and centerboard intact.
  2. Fleetwing is a great shore dive, or snorkel for that matter, in Northern Door. It is located about 100 yards off a public park and kayak launch in Garrett Bay and lies in 15-30 feet of water. The ship is broken into several pieces but a good portion of it centerboard and keelson assemble is intact.   
  3. Grape Shot is located just out from the old Coast Guard station on Plum Island.  It is located in about 10 feet of water and was just mapped and documented and surveyed by the Wisconsin Historical Society in July.  It is a popular stop for many tour boats that visit the lighthouses in Deaths Door Passage at the tip of the peninsula.  After the dive you can explore the lighthouse and old Coast Guard Station on Plum Island. It’s a great half day trip on the water!
  4. Australasia is located in 20 feet of water just out from Whitefish Dunes State Park. It is on a sandy bottom and shifting sands uncover and recover parts of the wreckage all the time. It is another easy dive, or snorkel for that matter, and a mooring buoy is usually in place.  There is a lot of information on this vessel online as it continues to be a site that is mapped and studied.
  5. Frank O’Conner is on my list but I have not explored it yet.  It lies in 65 feet of water off of Cana Island Lighthouse and there is a mooring buoy with a line right to the ship.  Friends that have seen it tell me it is a pretty neat sight with its large boilers and 12’ propellers standing upright on the bottom and its anchors nearby.