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Clear calm water at the lakefront.

Shorelines in Door County

300 Miles of Beaches, Bays, & Bluffs

With massive rolling waves, sparkling green-blue waters, rocky outcroppings with hidden tidepools, sandy beaches and dunes, a soft coastal breeze, historic small towns, and seemingly endless shoreline, there's a reason Door County inspires comparisons to Cape Cod and other coastal towns. The shoreline that hugs the Door peninsula is as topographically unique and ecologically varied as it is stunningly beautiful, and there's no shortage of ways to take it all in.

An autumn tree-covered shoreline.

3 Best Scenic Views in Door County

From the rocky shores on the eastern side of the peninsula to the sandy beaches on the west side—and all the marshlands, dunes, and inland lakes in between—these are some of the most spectacular views you'll find this side of the escarpment.

Peninsula State Park
From Sven's Bluff lookout you can see the trees grow at a steep incline, almost right up to the waterline, a common sight in Door County.

Door Bluff Headlands
Follow the unmarked trail at this remote county park to see some of the northernmost views you can get on the Green Bay side of the peninsula. Make your way down to the water below and stand next to the towering ancient bluffs.

Ellison Bay Bluff
Take a walk down the wooden stairs and enjoy the view from the observation deck or take advantage of the wooden catwalk that extends over the edge of the bluff. See the shoreline below and the limestone cliffs from a new perspective.

Cave Point from the air.

Bonus: 3 More Scenic Spots

Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park
Enjoy a day in the park and be sure to check out the brand new lookout tower. The 60-foot tower can be summited via 95 stairs or a fully accessible ramp. Clear above the treetops, the tower offers panoramic views of the shoreline below as well as the rest of the park.

Moonlight Bay
Do your research before visiting this idyllic bay outside Baileys Harbor. Like many local shorelines, the look and accessibility of the shoreline changes depending on the tides and water levels. Explore the dolomite bedrock beach, when it isn’t covered by water, or watch the waves roll in any time of day.

Cave Point County Park
A great place for photos, Cave Point is known for its limestone cliffs, underwater caves, and one of the most iconic shoreline views in Door County. Take in the views from the cliff-top hiking trail or see the cliffs and caves up close on a kayak tour.

A boat on the lake with white tree-lined cliffs in the distance.

The Bedrock of Door County's Beauty

Door County is part of a remarkable geological feature that is fondly referred to as the backbone of America. 

The Niagara Escarpment runs from east to west from New York state through southern Canada and the Great Lakes region, creating dramatic cliffs, ledges, bluffs, and rock formations. 

It's responsible for the limestone rock that lies under the Door County soil as well as the picturesque shoreline views of Green Bay and Lake Michigan found in many of our state and county parks.

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