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Pursue Something New This Winter


The arrival of winter in Door County is celebrated for many reasons, and one of them is the adoption of a slower pace and freer schedule. The days have less sun, leaving more time to pursue new indoor hobbies or learn new skills. Make a resolution this winter to learn something new or practice a new hobby! There are plenty of options in Door County to help you get inspired and guide you, whether it’s learning about robotics, woodworking, home decoration, or baking great scones. 

Here are Eight Places to Pursue Something New:

1. The Clearing Folk School

The Clearing Folk School’s winter classes begin in January and cover a huge range of topics and interests. Classes range from learning about wine and scone-baking to screen printing and woodworking—not to mention hiking, meditating, literature studies, writing workshops, watercolor, knitting, and more. There’s truly something for everyone!

2. Peninsula School of Art

Family Art Days, held the third Saturday of each month during the school year, welcome families with children ages 3–17 years old to create fine art projects together, free of charge. Each Thursday, November through April, the school also offers open studio time for all levels of aspiring artists, no membership required.

3. Donald & Carol Kress Pavilion

Egg Harbor’s library and community center offers classes throughout the year, and in January and February, the topics include learning about hydroponics, calendar making, die-cut card marking, and a workshop where you can create your own phone case. Join the robotics club that meets weekly or the book club that reads and discusses one book a month.

Interior of the Kress Pavilion with walls lined with art.

4. Clink! Craft Studio

Craft something in 3D with the self-guided projects at this creative crafting studio in Ephraim. Choose from a selection of fun and varied projects geared to different skill levels and follow the helpful instruction packets to create something new. Favorite projects include a leather wallet, wood-burning designs, and an industrial pipe wine rack.

5. ReClaimed

Customized and personalized signs are great gifts or treasured home decor, and at ReClaimed, the creative options are endless. From basic template designs to something completely unique, the staff can help guide you through the steps of creating awesome signs and wall art. Go with a group of friends or with a special someone for a fun afternoon of crafting.

6. Hands-On Art Studio

Let your inner artist out to play at this expansive art studio. Offering everything from glass and metal work to clay and jewelry workshops, there’s an option for everyone. Kids and adults alike will find something new and creative to learn or practice. Or, sign up for a workshop to create your own metal fire pit, learn how to throw pottery, or craft silver rings.

Groups work on art projects at the modern and artsy Hands-on Art Studio.

7. YMCA Classes

Door County is home to two YMCA locations: the Northern YMCA in Fish Creek and the Southern YMCA in Sturgeon Bay. Both provide awesome programs for all ages, including active sports and team exercises such as swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, pickleball, stand up paddleboarding, and cycling. Try something new, or rekindle an old hobby—perhaps adult tap dance classes!

8. Stone Silo

Partake in a guided DIY experience in the rustic studio of Stone Silo near Egg Harbor. Personalize a serving tray, welcome sign, or wall hanging with your own design and colors, and craft it yourself in one afternoon.

Closeup on a hand-painted ceramics piece.

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