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Cherry Picking in Door County

Between mid-July and mid-August, Door County’s cherry crop will turn from a golden yellow to a deep red. That means it’s time to grab your buckets and get picking.


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Why Cherries Thrive in Door County

The unique climate in Door County with cooler spring months and the unique soil composition make the peninsula ideal for growing cherries. At one point Door County was believed to produce more cherries than anywhere else in the world.

Early farmers in the county recognized this and developed some of the earliest and largest fruit orchards in the state. Some of the biggest names in the county, such as Seaquist, Lautenbach and Zettel, got their start with a modest grove of cherry trees.

Pick Your Own!

Families return summer after summer to head to the orchards and pick tart montmorency cherries straight from the trees. It’s one of the most fun ways to get close to the source of your food and generate family traditions.

Bring some good walking shoes and a bottle of water as you spend a few hours strolling through the rows of cherry trees in the sun. Orchards offering pick-your-own cherries will provide you with a bucket to collect your reward. If you’re not one for the low-hanging fruit, there are stools placed around the orchard to help you or your children find the biggest and brightest cherry anywhere on the tree.






*Visit the Wisconsin Red Cherry Growers  Facebook page for updates on Door County cherry picking.

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