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The Cherry-Picking Experience


If you want an authentic and immersive Door County cherry experience, head to a pick-your-own orchard. There, you can pluck the fresh fruit from the trees, collect them in a pail as you explore a gorgeous orchard or farm, and take them home to eat and cook with later. 

Traversing rows upon rows of verdant green trees bursting with the tart red fruit, plucking them one by one from the branches, and taste-testing a few as you dream about all the wonderful things you’ll make with them in the summer peninsula sun—there’s nothing like it. 

It’s cherry therapy for those who live for fruit season each summer and long for autumn days spent canning, pickling, and feasting on the fruits of summer’s labor.

A rustic-looking 'Pick You Own Cherries' sign along the roadside

Where to Pick Your Own Cherries

Exploring a cherry orchard is a one-of-a-kind experience and not to be missed if you’re in Door County in mid-July to mid-August, when the cherries are typically ripe and ready to pick. 

Most orchards in Door County offer pick-your-own cherries, and some even offer pick-your-own berries, vegetables, and apples, depending on the time of year.

Where to Buy Cherries & Cherry Products

If pick-your-own isn’t your thing, or you only have a short time for a cherry pitstop, check out orchard and farm markets throughout the county. These vibrant, seasonal markets offer fresh cherries and cherry products, such as jams, juices, spreads and sauces, pies and baked goods, and way more. 

Most also offer non-cherry products, artisan goods, and souvenirs as well.

When driving along highways and county roads, watch the roadsides for locals selling their produce. This can be as formal as a brick-and-mortar store or as rustic as a farmer selling a single, perfectly cultivated item from a trailer or truck on the side of the highway. 

How to Eat Your Cherries

Once you’ve got a bag or bucket full of cherries, you’re going to need to know what to do with them. Try crafting fresh cherry wine-braised beef ribs, cherry juice margaritas, cherry smoothies, or cherry almond scones.

Or explore more ideas for using your cherry haul to its fullest potential—including pie, wine, juice, dried, and raw—in this Door County Unearthed clip.

How to Enjoy Cherries from Afar

Can’t make it to Door County this year? No problem—virtually step into a local cherry orchard.

If you want to follow along as the delicate cherry blossoms transform into tasty, tart cherries ready to eat, check out the Cherry Report.

Or, keep your eyes peeled for Door County cherry products at grocery stores and restaurants in your hometown. Many vendors distribute their products to stores and restaurants throughout the state. Look for juices, jams and spreads, dried cherries, and much more. 

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