A Northwoods

A Northwoods Wedding

Do you love Door County and the woods? Are you looking for a ceremony space to accommodate 60-140 guests? There’s a new outdoor wedding ceremony location available in Door County! And you can be one of the first to reserve it.

Door County’s own hand-carved northwoods restaurant, The Log Den in Egg Harbor has been known for it’s amazing food and stunning architecture, but they’ve looking to take sweep you off your feet. They’ve been working non-stop this spring and summer to bring you a new location for holding a beautiful outdoor ceremony. I stopped in this week to talk with Kim Bell, who helps plan the weddings and special events, to get this sneak peek into the newly completed space.

The Log Den is situated just south of Egg Harbor on Highway 42.


The entrance to The Log Den has beautiful planters, hand-carved animals and amazing hand-carved wood beams.


The newly constructed birch arbor needs no decoration, and the planters billowing with seasonal white flowers along each side make decorating easy.


You can carve your initials or wedding date in the woods around the property for a fee.


The woods and field in the back make a beautiful backdrop and naturally landscaped path leads down to the ceremony site and can fit 200 chairs which are included in the rental price.


A water fountain and three waterfalls around the location create that garden tranquility.


The deck overlooking the ceremony site is a perfect location to place more chairs making the total number of seating 100-140.


One of the three waterfalls. This one spills on two sides.


Off the entrance is this lovely path which leads to an area where fish boils can be performed.


The parking lot is quite large, and this side of it (near the fish boil area) has been reserved for a tent later this year.


The Log Den has quite a few of carved animals tucked into the architecture, and the iron and amber chandeliers have a quaint northwoods feel.


The large serving room can seat 180 guests.


The smaller screening room can seat 95 guests.


And the room adjoining the large central stone fireplace can accommodate 150. So, if you had a large wedding or reception, they allow you to reserve the entire space to accommodate 350.


Plenty of space to get your favorite beverage.


An overall rustic and romantic space.


All Photos by: Morgan Mann