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The sun setting over the lake and clouds.

Sunrises & Sunsets in Door County

Lose Yourself in a Magic Hour

Experiencing a sunrise or sunset in Door County is one of the best ways to slow down, relax, and appreciate the area’s natural beauty. With only a dozen miles between the waters of Green Bay and the blue expanse of Lake Michigan, the Door peninsula and its islands are some of the best places to watch the sunset in Wisconsin. And sometimes, with a little luck and planning, you can catch both the sunset and the sunrise in the same day.

The sun rising over the lakeshore.

Sunrises in Door County

Dubbed the “quiet side” by locals, the coast of Lake Michigan is where you’ll find the sun rising on quiet mornings.

Newport State Park
Head to the state’s only designated wilderness state park and watch the morning sun wipe the stars away from the park’s internationally recognized night sky. Stand on the beach of Newport Bay or hike along the the 30 miles of trails to catch the sun along 11 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Cave Point County Park
Pristine waters help the morning sun bounce off the Niagara Escarpment at this county park, which is next to Whitefish Dunes. An early trek to Cave Point will get you a view of calm waters at what is typically a place to watch the churning waters of Lake Michigan crash against the dolomite-rock cave walls.

Robert La Salle County Park
One of the lesser-known county parks on the peninsula, La Salle Park is divided by the early rising of the Niagara Escarpment. Watch the sun come up standing on the shore or from above in the treeline.

From the Water
The best way to see the sun rise over the water is from the waters of Lake Michigan itself. To get out on the water early, contact a boat rental or, for a bit of an A.M. adventure, head out on a fishing charter.

People walking out on a dock at sunset.

Sunsets in Door County

After rising with the sun and loading your day with everything Door County has to offer, head over the the waters of Green Bay, on the peninsula's west side, to catch spectacular sunsets.

Almost anywhere in Ephraim is perfect for watching the sunset, but nothing quite beats a cold ice cream on a hot summer day before walking along the waterfront path, watching the sun set over Peninsula State Park.

Fish Creek Sunset Park
Gather with visitors and locals alike at Fish Creek’s favorite sunset spot on the bay, where you may even find some relaxing live music. Afterward, continue strolling through the downtown district, known for its evening shopping hours.

Sister Bay Waterfront Park
This newly built waterfront park and performance pavilion is sure to keep your fun day in Sister Bay going. Enjoy frequent live music performances at sunset and walk to nearby restaurants and bars after the sun has gone down.

On the Water
Many charter companies offer sunset cruises, complete with music and drinks, and leave from many community harbors. 

People outside watching the sun rise over the lake.

Sunrise & Sunset Times

The best times for sunrises and sunsets of course change by the day, month, and season, but following the guidelines below can help you find a magic hour during your getaway.

  • January: 7:10–7:27am | 4:19–4:56pm
  • February: 6:28–7:09am | 4:57–5:36pm
  • March: 6:26–6:31am | 5:38–7:17pm
  • April: 5:40–6:29am | 7:18–7:54pm
  • May: 5:07–5:38am | 7:55–8:28pm
  • June: 5:06–5:07am | 8:29–8:39pm
  • July: 5:08–5:35am | 8:16–8:39pm
  • August: 5:36–6:11am | 7:27–8:15pm
  • September: 5:36–6:11am | 6:31–7:25pm
  • October: 6:48–7:27am | 5:39–6:29pm
  • November: 7:06–7:28am | 4:10–5:37pm
  • December: 7:07–7:27am | 4:10–4:19pm

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