Top 5 Night Sky Photo Spots in Door County

  1. The aurora borealis lights in any dark location that faces north. The west shoreline of the peninsula has some prime spots; Fish Creek beach, Ephraim beach, Garrett Bay, and Northport are all ideal. Shoreline access roads are also usually dark and secluded as well. Kangaroo and Clark Lakes have shoreline accesses too.
  2. Milky Way captures at Cana Island Lighthouse, Sturgeon Bay North Pier Lighthouse and Cave Point county park. The key is a southerly direction and the ideal months are during the summer.
  3. Meteor showers at Newport State Park or Cave Point.
  4. Moonrise captures along the easterly facing shorelines along the peninsula or and Sturgeon Bay North Pier Lighthouse.
  5. Washington and Rock Islands are also very dark, northerly, remote locations that are ideal for astrophotography photo ops if you happen to be staying in either spot.