Top 6 Kayak Hotspots in Door County

In a place with nearly 300 miles of shoreline, there aren't many places that aren't good to kayak, but some are better than others. Here are six of our favorite spots to drop in and paddle in Door County.  

1. Cave Point County Park - A popular place to take a lunch for a picnic, many have never seen the beautiful sea caves from the water side. These are definitely worth checking out, some guided tours will even take you inside a few caves!

2. North Bay Shipwrecks - Located in Baileys Harbor, setting off here toward Cana Island will let you paddle over and spot some of Door County's famous shipwrecks! Spot the Cherubusco, G.J. Tracy and the A. Bronson from these waters. A great spot to rent a clear-bottom kayak.

3. Mink River Estuary - Great for a more relaxed paddle, the Mink River Estuary features easy to maneuver waters and plenty of wildlife. Spot turtles, cranes and many other species while casually paddling down this unique estuary.

4. Clark Lake - Another calmer paddle, adventuring on inland waters will allow you to paddle even on more blustery days. Clark Lake is located right next to Whitefish Dunes State Park, so enjoy a morning kayaking followed by a hike out to Cave Point through the park.

5. Garrett Bay - Located between Ellison Bay and Gills Rock, Garrett Bay is a secluded bay that sees minimal boat traffic even in the peak of summer. Paddle along the rocky shore of Door Bluff Headlands County Park and search for ancient pictographs on the rocks and explore the rock formations carved by Lake Michigan over centuries.

6. Nicolet Beach. Perhaps the busiest location for human-powered watersports, Nicolet Beach offers kayak rentals, peddle boats, paddle boards and more. Kayakers love to paddle the shores of Peninsula State Park, get views of the towering bluffs, and venture to Horseshore Island for an island adventure.

Bonus: Rock Island. This one is a bonus only because it's not exactly a "hot spot" in terms of a lot of people going, but it is one of the most picturesque places to paddle. Great views of the rocky bluffs, the Thordarson Boathouse, and the beautiful sand beach.