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Lakes & Waterways Photo Tour


One of Door County’s defining features and greatest treasures is its hundreds of miles of shoreline. No matter the season, the weather, or your preference in water activities, spending time on the water is a must-do while you’re up here.

Although it’s very much worthy of its “Great Lake” moniker, Lake Michigan is not the only body of water in Door County. In fact, there are many accessible inland lakes, harbors, bays, and creeks perfect for those seeking a quieter or less-intense water experience.

The next time you’re in need of a gorgeous backdrop for swimming, paddling, picnicking, or hanging a hammock, head to one of these waterways and get your fill of local beauty.

Harbors, Bays, & Waterways

Sturgeon Bay Shipping Canal

An aerial view of a huge canal with two bridges and Lake Michigan in the distance.

Death’s Door Strait

A woman and man ride away from an island on a speeding boat.

Mink River Estuary

A view down the Mink River as it feeds toward Lake Michigan.

Eagle Harbor

An aerial view of sparkling Eagle Harbor and surrounding shoreline.

Heins Creek

A view down Heins Creek with thick trees and brush on either side.

Rieboldt Creek

A kayaker floats on a peaceful creek at sunrise in early fall.

Inland Lakes

Kangaroo Lake

A sweeping view of Kangaroo Lake, with the iconic highway traveling through the middle of it.

Clark Lake

A man paddle boards across a crystal-blue lake.

Lake Mackaysee

An inland lake lays within Chambers Island.

Europe Lake

Small, peaceful Europe Lake lays inland at Newport State Park.

Little Lake

A couple and their dog looks out at Little Lake from a peaceful dock.

Mud Lake

A creek leads out to Mud Lake near Baileys Harbor.

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