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Kangaroo Lake Nature Preserve

Kangaroo Lake Nature Preserve

7912 N Maple Rd
Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

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The Kangaroo Lake Nature Preserve holds a special place in Land Trust history—it is our first preserve! Thanks to a bequest and help from The Nature Conservancy and others, the Land Trust made its first purchase ever here. With continued help from partnering organizations, the Kangaroo Lake Nature Preserve has grown to nearly 700 acres. Situated primarily on the north side of the Kangaroo Lake causeway, the preserve contains a sampling of much of what Door County has to offer ecologically and scenically—lake shore, boreal forest, cedar swampland, upland hardwood forest, a creek and farmland. A hiking trail begins on top of a high ridge that was once the shoreline of ancient Lake Algonquin and descends 130 feet to where Peil Creek enters Kangaroo Lake. A temperature shift accompanies the descent, and many of the plant species found in the cooler, lower section are similar to those found in boreal forests located much farther north.

More Information

Help us continue to protect Door County’s special places.  Door County Land Trust nature preserves were established to protect fragile ecological resources and provide habitat for plants and wildlife.  You can help maintain the health of the forest, meadows, and wetlands by respecting the nature preserves in the following ways:

Stay on the trails.  Hiking off-trail disturbs vegetation and wildlife, and increases your chances of encountering poison-ivy, other natural hazards, or trespassing outside of preserve boundaries.

Clean your boots or shoes.  You can reduce the spread of invasive plants by brushing your boots or shoes where a boot brush station is provided.

Pets are welcome.  Please keep your pets on a leash at all times and pick up after your pets.

Collecting is not allowed.  Collecting of any vegetation, wildlife, or other material is not allowed.

Leave no trace.  Please carry out everything that you carry in, including garbage.

Some activities are not allowed.  Horseback riding, ATVs, bicycles, snowmobiles and other motorized recreational equipment is not allowed on the preserves.

Wear brightly colored clothing during hunting seasons.  Hunting, trapping, and fishing may be allowed at some Door County Land Trust nature preserves.  For more detailed information about hunting on Door County Land Trust preserves, please visit our Hunting Program page.