5 Fall Color Lookouts
You Can't Miss

See the Fall Color From These Favorite Locations

In Door County there is hardly a bad location to spot all the beauty the county has to offer, but there are a few locations that would compete for the best place to see the fall color. Here are five of our favorite fall color lookouts. 

5 Fall Color Lookouts You Can't Miss

Old Baldy

Old Baldy, Whitefish Dunes State Park

Old Baldy is the tallest sand dune in Whitefish Dunes State Park, and it’s also rather sandy (or bald!) on top. From the main park entrance take the Red Trail for a 2.8 mile round trip hike that takes you by the Old Baldy lookout. From there you can spot the corner of Clark Lake to the northwest, Lake Michigan to the east and plenty of stunning treetops in between.

Ellison Bay Bluff

Ellison Bay Bluff County Park

See the golden yellow and orange leaves from below as you hike along one of the many trails within the 174-acre park. The trails through the top of the bluff includes a variety of trees such as sugar maple, white ash, red oak, birch and beech trees. Or, see the color from the top of a 100-ft limestone bluff where the observation deck leads you safely to a spectacular view of the water and surrounding forest.  

Mountain Park Tower View Washington Island 

Mountain Park Lookout Tower, Washington Island

With the Potawatomi State Park and Peninsula State Park towers currently closed, this is the only open observation tower in the county. Once on Washington Island, you will find the park a short drive from the ferry dock. You will climb 186 steps of stairs up the “mountain” of a hill and then, at the top, climb the tower to find yourself with a beautiful view overlooking the island. The rolling landscape is colorful and serene in the fall season and you can also spot the “death’s door” water passageway.  

Old Ski Hill

Old Ski Hill Overlook, Potawatomi State Park

Although the lookout tower at the park has been permanently closed, there are still gorgeous views to be had. The best option to find a colorful canopy view in the park is at the top of the Old Ski Hill. To get there, hike the Tower Trail (a 3.6 mile loop from the nature center) or drive to it via N. Norway Road. The view is indeed atop an old ski hill, giving you a clear view over the treetops.

Cana Island

Cana Island Lighthouse

Cana Island is a small island located just north of Baileys Harbor. On that small 8.7 acre island you will find the Cana Island Lighthouse which was first operated in 1869. Standing a total of 89 feet tall, this lighthouse offers beautiful 360 degree views after you climb the 97-step spiral staircase. Admission is required to tour and climb to the top, but the view is priceless — especially in the fall.