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10 Small Ways to Appreciate Door County Remotely


As summer creeps closer, we know many of you are longing for the days when you could pack up the car, head toward the peninsula and Washington Island, and spend a few days taking in the serenity and beauty of Door County.

Those days will return soon enough, but in the meantime, we’re doing all we can to help you experience the region you love in bite-sized pieces or micro-moments designed to entertain, inspire, and transport.

Save these 10 activities for one in-depth sitting or choose one to explore when you find yourself wanting to return to this place of beauty, adventure, and wonder—if only for a few minutes.

1. Tune in to the sights and scenes of Door County by following #VirtualDoCo on Instagram and Facebook or #DoorCountyDreaming on Instagram or Facebook where the Door County community is sharing some of its best photos from around the area.

2. Dozens of local shops, restaurants, attractions and other businesses have online stores and/or are offering special deals on goods, services, and future experiences.

This means you can still shop local and support the community while staying home and keeping safe.

3. Take panoramic, 360º tours of only-in-Door-County sights like Cave Point County Park, a kayak on a serene Mink River, a traditional fish boil, and more.

4. While you’re on a video kick, check out the Our Door County series. The videos cover a wide range of fascinating local topics, such as the winemaking scene, shipwreck hunting in Lake Michigan, and haunted spots around the region.

5. Jazz up your next conference call or family video chat with a Door County-inspired Zoom background. Choose from a curvy Highway 42, a kayak at sunset, a field of cherry trees, and more.

6. Break out the crayons and take to the Coastal Byway Coloring Book. Adult coloring books have exploded in popularity in the last few years. This DC-themed one featuring stops all over the peninsula and islands is a great way to develop mindfulness, find a sense of calm, express some creativity, and take your mind off things for a few minutes or a few hours. Great for cooped-up kids too!

7. Revisit the Introduction to Door County, where we answer the age-old question, “how do you visit an entire county?” and you can take the Find Your Vacation Style quiz to learn what kinds of trips and activities will appeal to you most while you’re here.

8. The natural beauty of Door County can, at times, feel like an embarrassment of riches. From towering limestone bluffs to deep emerald forests to sweeping panoramas of Great Lake, everywhere you turn there’s a serene vista or quaint sight to behold.

A scenic view of an inland lake and island.

Recapture this feeling by planning your outdoors-centric trip and learning about our lakes, parks, beaches, campsites, islands, shorelines, marina and boat launches, or northern lights—whichever gets your heart softly pumping and your adventure senses tingling.

9. If you haven’t already scouted it out, look over the "Love from Door County" virtual experiences page. You can stay connected to local business via podcasts, live discussions, video challenges, and daily activities to stay entertained and find ways to support and engage with local businesses at the same time.

10. Finally, if you were planning a springtime trip to the area to see the dazzling cherry blossoms or the colorful wildflower display, get a small dose of these natural wonders by staying up to date on how the region’s famous cherry and flower blossoms are coming along.

Follow along with the Cherry Report or the Blossoms Report and take note of what to seek out during next year’s blossoms-centric trip.

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