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Summer Nightlife: 7 Things to Do After Dinner


If you still have energy to burn after a day spent exploring Door County and eating at one of our fantastic dinner spots, you might be in search of some evening entertainment to keep the good times and good vibes rolling.

Whether your idea of “nightlife” takes place in a busy, bustling music venue, at a theater or live performance, in a brewery or a bar, or on a quiet shoreline admiring the night sky, Door County’s nightlife scene has you covered.

A couple sits on a blanket on the grass aside their car the drive-in movie theater.

1. Get Nostalgic with a Drive-In Movie

Grab some blankets, lawn chairs, car games, and popcorn or snacks and get ready for some old-fashioned fun. Door County's only drive-in movie theater offers nightly outdoor double-features.

Watch from inside your car to keep it cozy or set up camp outside to enjoy an outdoor movie experience.

2. Take In a Show at the Theater

Indulge your inner theater major and let the showtunes fly at a play or theatrical performance. Door County’s theater groups usually offer at least one musical show per year, so be sure to catch a performance with Peninsula Players, Third Avenue PlayWorks, Door Shakespeare, or Northern Sky Theater’s indoor or outdoor stages.

3. Chase a Sunset, the Stars, or the Northern Lights

If being outdoors as much as possible is your goal, look to the skies for your evening entertainment. 

Start by heading to one of many sunset spots to slow down and take in the beauty of the sinking summer sun. Or, if slowing down isn’t your thing, hop aboard a sailboat tour or kayak tour and watch the sunset from the water.

A man kayaks on a lake with a forested shoreline at sunset.

A few hours after sunset, head to Northern Door for dark skies and world-class stargazing. If you’re really lucky and the conditions are just right, you may even be treated to a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

4. Visit a New-to-You Winery or Brewery

If fruit wines and local brews call to you, look no further than our plentiful wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries. These spots are great places to find top-notch drinks that the business specializes in as well as a lower-key nighttime experience. Breweries and wineries often have outdoor patios, games, and even activities for kids.

5. Catch Some Live Music

If you’ve got the music in you, Door County has plenty of options. From outdoor concerts and music venues to symphonic performances and musical theater, catching an evening show is the perfect way to end a summer night out.

A rock band plays on an outdoor stage aside Lake Michigan.

6. Take a Quiet Evening Hike

One strategy for avoiding crowds and getting the hiking trail to yourself is to go after peak hours, which are typically 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. After dinner, head to a county or state park or nature preserve to find mostly empty trails and scenic overlooks.

7. Have a Cold One at a Bar or Pub

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer! If you’re in search of a nightcap or two before turning in for the evening, Door County has a huge selection of bars, taverns, and pubs. No matter your drink of choice, nearly every community has some kind of bar or drinking establishment that can fit the bill.


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Headed to Door County this summer? Now’s a good time to brush up on outdoor etiquette and the Door County Leave No Trace 7 Principles.

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