& Gluten-Free Dining

Door County is well known for its vibrant and diverse dining scene featuring everything from supper clubs and fine-dining restaurants to more modern cooking styles like vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. While most of the restaurants and markets below are not fully dedicated to these cuisines, they are known to regularly serve up vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, and/or other healthier options.

Key: V=vegetarian food | GF=gluten-free food



Chef’s Hat Café (V, GF)
Czarnuszka Soup Bar (V, GF)
Joe Jo’s Pizza & Gelato (V)
The Summer Kitchen (V, GF)
Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream (V, GF)
DC Specialty Foods Market (V, GF)

Fish Creek

Alexander’s (V, GF)
Arroyo Bay Grill (V)
Bayside Tavern (V, GF)
Blue Horse Beach Café (V, GF)
The English Inn (V, GF)
Julie’s Park Cafe & Motel (V, GF)
Pelletiers’s (V, GF)
White Gull Inn Restaurant (V, GF)
Sweetie Pie (GF)
The Whistling Swan Restaurant (GF)


JJ’s of Jacksonport (V)
Mike’s Port Pub (V)
Mr. G’s (V, GF)


Villaggio’s (V, GF)

Sister Bay

Al Johnson’s (V)
Carroll House (V, GF)
Chop (V, GF)
Door County Ice Cream (V)
Grasse’s Grill (V, GF)
Husby’s Food & Grill (V)
JJ’s Lapuerta Restaurant (V)
Waterfront Restaurant (V)

Sturgeon Bay

Brick Lot Pub & Grill (V, GF)
Get Real Café (V, GF)
Hot Tamales (V, GF)
Inn at Cedar Crossing (V, GF)
Nightingale Restaurant (V, GF)
Sonny’s Pizzeria (V, GF)
Stone Harbor (V)
Healthy Way Market (GF)