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Celebrate Mother's Day in Door County


If you’ll be in Door County for Mother’s Day this year and have a special mother in your life, now is the perfect time to start planning your May 8 festivities.

Whether you aim to celebrate your own mother, your mother’s mother, your kids’ mother, a mother figure, a mother-in-law, or another mother you love, there’s something to do in Door County to show your gratitude.

Plan an all-day extravaganza or simply spend time together catching up and sharing memories—either way, it’s all about celebrating the amazing mothers in your life and all they do for us.

A candy-shop worker presents colorful candies and snacks.Stick to the Classics: Flowers, Jewelry, Chocolate, & Candy

Some things are classic for a reason. If your favorite mom is a fan of desserts, indulge it and visit a sweets shop selling candy, chocolates, and ice cream or check out a local bakery for cakes, pies, and more.

If she leans more toward colorful flowers or artisan jewelry, there are stores for that too.

Enjoy a Fine Meal Together

Food is something we all have in common and the perfect way to spend some time together, whether it’s a two-person celebration or you need to fit the extended family around the table.

Explore fine-dining restaurants, supper clubs, or casual spots to find the perfect place to share a great meal with great people.

A beautiful plate of breakfast foods and berries.

Take Her to Breakfast or Brunch

Dinner may get most of the holiday-meal glory, but nothing shouts “classic American Mother’s Day” louder than a brunchtime get-together.

Make a reservation at a breakfast or brunch spot, pick up ingredients or prepped meal items at markets or specialty stores, or go for a late lunch after doing a family activity (or just sleeping in).

Snap a Family Photo

If the mom in your life is the sentimental type, organize a family photo session to get the perfect shot.

Find a professional photographer or snap your own with a camera or smartphone. Get the photos printed and purchase a frame at a decor store or have a custom frame made to commemorate the day.

Be sure to pick out a beautiful backdrop for your photo—consider shorelines, marinas, beaches, lighthouses, and local landmarks—but your home, lodging, and many public parks or greenspaces will fit the bill too.

Get Active on the Trail

Moms who are hikers, runners, or treehuggers might appreciate a trip to a park or preserve for a family hike. Door County has plenty of options for hiking, including quick treks at nature preserves, longer day hikes, and local favorites at state parks.

A family kayaks on the Mink River surrounded by forested shoreline.

For mothers who need a little more speed, biking, paddling, camping, or riding are also fun, low-key options for spending time together as a family on a spring Sunday.

Spend Quality Time—Wherever 
You Are

If you’re in Door County in spring, you’re just about guaranteed to be surrounded by beauty and possibility.

Take a walk, take a drive, head to the shops, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, or just camp out in front of a beautiful view—it doesn’t matter what you do this Mother’s Day, as long as you do it together.

Headed to Door County this spring? Be sure to read and sign the Door County Pledge and commit to exploring our parks, preserves, and outdoor spaces safely and responsibly.

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