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in Door County

Out, About, & Proud

Whether you're traveling solo, as a couple, or as a family, you're sure to find your niche in Door County. From outdoor recreation and adventure to wineries, breweries, and distilleries to shopping, dining, and the arts, we've got a little bit of everything, for everyone, up here.

With its mix of small-town quirk, coastal cool, and Midwestern nice, Door County is a place like no other.

The area attracts visitors from all stations in life, from young solo travelers seeking new adventures to families looking to strengthen their bonds to couples in search of a cozy and quiet refuge from everyday life. But Door County is also home to 27,000 year-long residents, some of whom were born here, some of whom moved here from nearby cities after falling in love with the region's laid-back, off-center feel. No matter how they got here, Door County's residents and visitors exhibit a spirit of openness and kindheartedness that is extended to everyone who passes through.

This diversity of backgrounds and experiences is a large part of what makes Door County a place where everyone fits in, where everyone feels welcome. The region may not have big-city nightlife or legendary LGBTQ+ sites, but it does have an atmosphere of warmth, openness, and friendliness that permeates every corner of the county.

No matter who you are or where you come from, you can be yourself here.

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Be Alone, Together: A Couple's Day in Door County

Morning: Start the day by getting your brunch on with a hearty meal and a mimosa at one of the many local AM eateries, followed by a cup of coffee or tea.

Mid-day: Go souvenir shopping at the area's best antique and boutique shops. Or, indulge in a little day-drinking at a Door County winery or brewery. Follow it up with a visit to one of Door County's famous lunch spots.

Evening: Treat yourselves to a night of wining and dining. Or, experience the magic of a classic Wisconsin supper club. Just don't forget the old-fashioneds!

Family First: A Day of Family Fun in Door County

Morning: Start with a filling breakfast at a spot with a kids’ menu. For a peaceful morning, spend some quiet time on a beach or soaking up knowledge at a museum.

Mid-day: Treat the kids to an adventure! Door County has mini-golf courses, amusement parks, farms, zip lines, and more. You might also consider a hike in the woods or a trip up a lookout tower. For kids with creative inclinations, try a hands-on art studio. 

Evening: Get in some extra family fun with a trip to a bowling alley, drive-in movie, or theatrical production. Finish the day by grabbing some ice cream and finding a lighthouse or park to watch a famous Door County sunset.

Watch: Getaway to Door County

Door County's unique communities, events and attractions are just some of the reason to visit and get away from it all.