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1763 Townline Rd
Washington Island, WI 54246

Attraction, Family Friendly


The Washington Island Stavkirke was modeled after the Borgund Stavkirke constructed in 1150 near Laerdal, Sogn. That church was chosen since it is the best preserved and least altered example of this style of church architecture. The building has twelve 18-foot "stavs" or masts, all from Washington Island. Eleven are Pine and one is White Fir. There are over 9,600 four inch wide shingles on the six-tiered roof. Sitting in a small forest grove, a winding prayer path leads the way to the structure. The Stavkirke has become a vital part of the ministry of Trinity Lutheran. It is used year ‘round for special worship services and as a place of quiet meditation for many as throughout their days. Every year, thousands of people visit and spend a little time going back in time and listening'for God's "still small voice" in the quiet peacefulness that this place provides.