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Plum Loco Animal Farm

Plum Loco Animal Farm

4431 Plum Bottom Rd
Egg Harbor, WI 54209

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Escape the crowds and unwind in our wide-open spaces. Enjoy the antics of our farm-animal family. Picnic or relax in our rustic cedar gazebos. Set imaginations free in our mini play farm. Share some family time with a lawn or board game. Snacks, drinks, souvenirs. Season passes. Reserve Plum Loco for your group event! 3 miles west of 57 in Jacksonport on V and 3 miles east of 42 on Plum Bottom Rd. 9:30-4:30 daily (closed Wed.) Memorial Weekend - Labor Day and 9:30-4:30 Sat & Sun Labor Day - Nov. 1.


We have to remain closed for the 2021 season due to the pandemic, but look forward to seeing you in 2022.

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Welcome to Plum Loco Animal Farm!




"Love the Animals -

God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled...

Don’t harass them - don’t deprive them of their happiness...

Don’t work against God’s intent"

                                                                      Dostoevsky (1821-1881)


In a world where, all too often, animals are regarded as little more than resources to serve the needs and desires of human beings, their pure, unique, and divine spirits remain dismissed, repressed, or ignored.  In our effort to provide a safe and loving haven that reflects a heart-felt appreciation, respect, and celebration of the beauty, wisdom, and companionship of these wondrous creatures...Plum Loco Animal Farm was established.


While you may encounter a variety of animals to pet and feed, we are not a "petting zoo" in the traditional sense.  Our mission, at Plum Loco, is to provide our animal family with a safe and loving home for the duration of their life spans.  Each has a name, personal history, and unique personality.  In most cases, each has been raised with its family herd.  And while baby animals are naturally cute, cuddly, and entertaining, they inevitably grow into adulthood.  Therefore, you may not always see baby animals at Plum Loco.  You may encounter aging seniors as they live out their lives in peaceful retirement.  And while most are adults, rest assured, they are all young at heart.


Here at Plum Loco, our goal is not to maximize consumer dollars, but rather to maximize the comfort and quality of life of our precious animal family as they live out their natural life spans.  Sound totally crazy? Perhaps.  But it is with this vision in mind that we welcome you to share a relaxing and enjoyable experience at this animal farm we call home.  We welcome you to Plum Loco!




Plum Loco is home to over 60 farm animals - including a large herd of Shetland ponies, a family of miniature Sicilian donkeys, horses, pygmy and Nubian goats, three breeds of sheep, pot bellied pigs, turkeys, geese, and a miniature horse named Shorty.  Visitors may pet all of our animals and feed can be purchased from our ticket booth.




Nestled in the heartland of Northern Door’s farming community, Plum Loco is off the beaten path of traffic and crowds. Surrounded by rolling farmland, visitors comment on the natural beauty and relaxing setting.  Plum Loco offers visitors a lovely picnic area with rustic cedar-log gazebos, ample seating, and a wide variety of activities for all ages, such as lawn games, board games, and more.




One of our most popular features is our mini-play farm that was designed for the young at heart.  Adjacent to the picnic area, families will find a scaled-down farm house and barn that are fully equipped with tons of hands-on role-play such as tool benches, wheel-barrows, gas pump, pedal tractors, plush riding ponies for riding and brushing, small bales of hay, a fully-stocked kitchen complete with food, dishes, a play garden and more. Parents and grandparents alike, delight in watching the children explore their imaginations while they relax in the gazebos.


For more hands-on fun, Plum Loco also offers an 8 foot farm table complete with barns, tractors, and plenty of toy animals and people for hours of imaginative play.  Children may engage in a variety of books, games, and puzzles.




From our ticket booth, visitors may purchase drinks, fresh popcorn, snacks, toys, and of course, Plum Loco tee/sweat shirts in children and adult sizes - all reasonably priced.  We also provide feed for our animals where visitors may purchase grain for the goats, sheep, and pigs (50 cents for 2 cups) as well as fresh carrot sticks for the horses, ponies, and donkeys (one dollar per pound).




Beginning in mid-September, visitors may purchase pumpkins in a variety of sizes, and if they are so inclined, may partake in our Pumpkin Painting Tables where washable paints, brushes, and smocks are offered free of charge.  Each fall, Plum Loco celebrates the fall season with festive decorations of corn stalks, straw bales, pumpkins, and scare-crows to compliment the colorful array of trees surrounding the facility.




For current prices - please refer to the General Info tab on our website.




Planning a field trip or special group event?   Plum Loco happily reserves the facility after hours, as well weekdays during the fall season.  For more information regarding details and prices, please contact Linda at (920) 743-1617 or e-mail us at




Plum Loco is open to the public (weather permitting) during the following dates and times:


Memorial Weekend Saturday - Labor Day

Open Daily (closed Wednesdays)                          9:30 - 4:30


Labor Day - November

Open Saturdays and Sundays                                 9:30 -4:30

(including Fridays and Mondays

 during special fall weekends)


Plum Loco is centrally located on Plum Bottom Road 3 miles east of Highway 42

(between Egg Harbor and Carlsville), and 4 miles west of Highway 57 on County

V in Jacksonport.




Plum Loco Animal Farm

4431 Plum Bottom Road

Egg Harbor, WI 54209

(920) 743-1617

Linda and Jeremie Pascascio