Adventure is around every bend in Door County. If you’re looking for a land adventure, visit the back roads by motorcycle, check out some of the best hiking trails in Wisconsin, or traverse the many miles of wilderness trails by snowmobile. If you’re looking for water adventures, try scuba-diving explorations of shipwrecks or kayaking to Rock Island. Choose your own adventure, starting now.

Island hopping: How many islands can you hit in a weekend? 

Hop on the Washington Island Ferry across Death’s Door for a taste of vibrant island life and then skip across one more stretch of lake onto Rock Island for a glimpse of the historic Thordarson boathouse. Take a charter out to Plum Island, which just opened up to the public in 2017. 

Rent a kayak from Nicolet Bay in Peninsula State Park and make the one-mile paddle out to Horseshoe Island. Rent a boat and weave through the Strawberry Islands before docking on Chambers Island and walking hundreds of yards along a sandbar out into the bay. 

Climb Door County’s Skyscrapers:

There are three towers throughout the peninsula that scrape Door County’s sky. Start at the tower in Potawatomi State Park for a view of Sawyer Harbor and the Sturgeon Bay’s biggest ships. Climb the 186 steps of Mountain Park Tower on Washington Island to see Rock Island and the beginning of Michigan’s Grand Traverse Islands to the north. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is going through the process of rebuilding Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park. Until they do, you can take in an equally incredible view on Sven’s Bluff in the park, climbing 200 feet over the bay. 

Paddle the County’s Creeks:

While the vast expanse of Green Bay and Lake Michigan will take your breath away, rent a kayak or paddleboard and paddle through the veins of the county’s many creeks. Weave through Logan Creek into Clark Lake or pass the blowing reeds of Mink River. Plan a trip in late spring during the snowmelt, one of the only times of year you can paddle Reiboldt Creek up into Mud Lake near Baileys Harbor.


Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or triathlete, find an event that will test your strength and endurance on some of the region’s most beautiful courses. From 5k’s to half marathons and fat bike races to triathlons, go head to head with the local talent and top your personal best in any event. 

Land a Lunker:  

Whether launching your own boat or taking a charter, check out the county’s best fishing spots for bass or salmon. Sturgeon Bay was recently named as one of the best bass fishing spots in the country while Lake Michigan is sure to bring you a harvest of salmon. Don’t stop when the weather gets cold. Door County offers everything you need for a day of ice fishing, too.

Places to conquer

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