Downtown Sturgeon Bay: Good Friends, Good Fun

When you come to Door County on a Saturday in July, you more than likely expect to have sunny skies, a warm breeze and a day trip filled with stops in sunny parks.  This Saturday was a little different! 

Jane and I had planned to do a day trip up in the county; however, when I went to get the paper and soon realized it felt like an October morning, I knew my plans needed to change!  So, rather than head north, we headed to our own downtown area and joined in on the many activities that were going on. We began with a stop at the Farmer's Market. 

Every Saturday morning, from May to October, there is a Farmer's Market that is held in Market Square.  Market Square is located between Michigan and Nebraska Streets, about 3 blocks east of the Michigan Street Bridge.  There are several vendors who sell everything from fresh home-grown produce, to flowers; jewelry to yard furniture and ornaments.  Home-made baked goods to musical instruments!  There is something for everyone.  One of our favorite things to do, however, is to run into good friends who are there for the same reason:  to enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning and good conversation.  We left with an arm full of kettle corn...


Next up was a walk down Third Avenue; home to many of Sturgeon Bay's quaint shops and restaurants.  The sidewalk was filled with people window shopping and enjoying a cup of coffee.  The upbeat conversation and the lack of familiar faces told us that many of the people were tourists who were almost oblivious to the cooler weather.  You see, when you are in Door County, the weather is a non-issue; it is all about getting away, relaxing, and embracing the view everywhere you go!  When we crossed the street we ran into some good friends and began talking about our love of Door County and how lucky we are to live here. We spent some time visiting with them and then it was on to our next stop: the Michigan Street Bridge.


We love to walk across the Michigan Street and Oregon Street bridges.  The views are magnificent!  Every time we walk those bridges, we see up close, the many cycles that make their way across.  I love the sound of the motorcycles as they rumble across the bridge. Just south of the Michigan Street Bridge is Snug Harbor Boat Rental.  They offer pontoon rentals; we saw a family getting ready to head out just as we were crossing the bridge.  We decided that this would be an activity for next summer!

Even though we live here and make getting out and about a daily occurrence, we are amazed at the different things we see each day that are new to us!  One of the most interesting of those are the sturgeon that decorate the streets of Sturgeon Bay. Each one has a theme based on the business it is in front of.  During Sturgeon Bay's Harvest Festival to be held on September 21st, the sturgeon will be auctioned off beginning at 6:00 pm in front of the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center on Third Avenue.

Finally, as we made our way home, we were drawn to the hundreds of fishing boats parked by Snug Harbor; located on Memorial Drive.  Anglers from all over the country were gathered for a walleye tournament as they were vying for a large cash prize; weigh-in would begin at 3:00 pm.  On the other side of the bay a salmon tournament was the main attraction; that one was held at Sawyer Park  just over the Oregon Street Bridge.


So, another beautiful Saturday morning in Sturgeon Bay was filled with activities that would please anyone!  There is always something to do in the county...come and visit, you're amongst friends! "Good company, lively conversation, and the endearments of friendship, fill the mind with great pleasure."  - Edmund Burke