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Welcome municipal leaders! On this page you’ll find information related to Destination Door County programs that pertain specifically to local elected officials, government leaders and municipal staff. Questions? Feel free to contact any Destination Door County staff member.


The purpose of the Municipal Reimbursement Fund is to reimburse municipalities for the same amount they pay to fund the Door County Tourism Zone Commission. The amounts distributed to each municipality are based on their percentage contribution indicated on the last completed tourism zone audit.  

Community Investment Fund Grant Program

Destination Door County’s Community Investment Fund utilizes dollars generated by overnight visitors to Door County and reinvests some of those dollars into local projects that enhance the lives of residents as well as those who visit the county. Grant opportunities are available to all local Door County units of government as well as Door County based 501(c)(3) public charities and 501(c)(6) organizations. The program is administered by the Door County Community Foundation, with application deadlines the first Thursday of January, April, July, and October. More information and application materials for the Community Investment Fund can be found at


Through our valuable partnership with our Community Business Associations and a consistent focus on collaboration, the goal of the Strategic Community Partnership Program aims to align the individual efforts of all of our CBA’s in the development of tourism programs within the mission of enhancing the quality of the visitor experience, supporting our local community and strengthening our in-county communication efforts. This will be done in four tiers   

  • Funding - Destination Door County allocates 19% of their portion of room tax collections to fund the SCP program. In order to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of SCP funds, the 19% share is distributed between the Community Business Associations based on the percentage collected in room tax from the municipality they represent.  
  • Municipal & Board Support
  • Education/Research 
  • Community Outreach 
  • Marketing Opportunities

Where Does Room Tax Go in Door County?
Check out this room tax flow chart for a visual look at where room tax collections go in Door County.

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