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The Door County Pledge: Creating a Sustainable Future


This autumn, as we all hit the trails, roads, and waterways in search of amazing fall color and fun, we’re asking visitors to sign the Door County Pledge to demonstrate their commitment to exploring local communities, businesses, parks, waterways, and natural spaces responsibly.

Maintaining the region’s natural and cultural treasures is everyone’s job, so we’re asking everyone—from residents to vacationers to business travelers—to do their part and be mindful of the personal impact their activities may have on local communities and nature spaces.

So you’ve signed the Pledge. Now what?

Be a Volun-tourist
Door County comprises 19 small towns and villages, and many of their beloved arts, cultural, and environmental organizations are fueled by volunteers. If you’ll be spending time in Door County soon, consider giving back by volunteering for a few hours or a day.

Voluntourism opportunities include event/festival support, tour and facility guides, office and administrative help, performance ushers, concessions work, and maintenance and landscaping assistance, depending on the organization you work with and its day-to-day needs.

Have Some Sustainable & Educational Fun
The single best way to help care for Door County is to plan a trip with eco-friendly activities and be mindful of your individual impact as you enjoy your trip.

Below is a list of 25 of the best sustainable and family-friendly activities as well as some advice for minding your personal impact on the land and the culture and teaching kids the importance of being a good steward of the land.

A young family walks through a cherry orchard

Live & Breathe Outdoor Ethics
You may be familiar with the Leave No Trace 7 Principles, and in the last year we have developed a set of similar “minimum impact practices” specific to Door County.

These principles of outdoor ethics focus on issues critical to restoring Door County’s wild beauty and maintaining its deep cultural roots, such as research and preparation, following trails, heeding signage, waste management, fire safety, wildlife safety, and respect for others.

Promote Sustainable Travel via Your Business
If you’re a local business owner or are looking for more sustainability inspiration, check out the Media Toolkit, which is designed to help you spread the word about our environmental and cultural movement.

This fall-travel season, we’re hoping everyone who spends time here will do their part to care for the riches of the Door County region, including its natural resources, cultural treasures, and local communities.

Stand up for Door County and commit to exploring responsibly by signing the official Door County Pledge today. 

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