The 2020
Fall Dining Guide

Fall is primetime for slowing down, taking in fall color, spending time outdoors, experiencing the seasonal transition, and appreciating Door County’s best-known culinary traditions.

Whether your fall trip style calls for a hyperlocal food experience, fine wine with an even finer meal, keeping it light with healthier or vegetarian options, or enjoying something decadent, there are plenty of ways to get your food fix this fall.

Here’s a guide for capturing that autumnal feeling with seasonal dishes and ingredients at local restaurants and food shops.


Which Seasonal Foods to Look For

Cherries may be the most-talked about Door County export, but you’ll also find a bounty of other locally crafted produce, cheeses, jams and spreadables, snacks, meats, and more. 

Expect to encounter locally caught fish and hearty meat dishes like prime rib, steaks, and veal alongside produce like apples, pumpkins, squash, root vegetables, corn, and other fresh fall produce September through November. 

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Fall’s also a great time to explore breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Thinner crowds mean more seats at the bar or on the patio, and many local beers and spirits are brewed with seasonal ingredients, such as apple cider.

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Fall fishing is huge up here, so the fish (and lobster and crab) boils don’t stop, and Friday fish fries featuring whitefish, cod, perch, and more become an even bigger deal. 

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Ways to Do Breakfast

For an on-the-go breakfast, head to one of many coffee shops and bakeries to find morning drink staples as well as pastries or bagels.

If you’re looking for more of a sit-down or takeout experience, check out breakfast and brunch spots that offer the classics: pancakes, eggs and omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and bloody marys. Most downtowns in local communities offer a few restaurant options, and many more can be found off the beaten path.

And don’t forget that our farmers markets and specialty food shops offer fresh eggs, breakfast meats, cheese, breads, and other items perfect for cooking up your own locally inspired breakfast at your lodging or campsite.

Where to Find Lunch & Dinner

Lunch and dinner options are plentiful and can be as formal as a sitdown meal with multiple courses to as casual as ordering a sandwich from a deli counter and eating by the water.

For fast and portable options, fresh sandwiches, deli foods, and groceries are perfect for picnics or grabbing something to take on the trail, to the campsite, or on the water. (Just don’t forget to pack out any waste!)

Evening meals offer just as much variety, from local specialties like fish and seafood, supper club staples, and steaks to standbys like barbecue, burgers, fish fries, pizza, Mexican food, and pub food.

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