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Unique Food Finds of Door County


You can get a lot of great food in Door County, but the true foodie digs deeper for food experiences that set a destination apart from every other. Fortunately, Door County has no shortage of these one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.

As we celebrate the harvest season in Door County, take a journey to discover four unique food finds in our latest Our Door County video.

First up is a Wisconsin delicacy you can find fresh every morning in Southern Door County. The cheese curd is a staple of Wisconsin menus, and few do it better than the folks at Renard’s Cheese. Chris Renard takes us through the cheese-curd-making process, including the secret to the best curds.

Next we stay in Southern Door for a treat you can’t find in many places, the Belgian Pie. A tradition that has been handed down through generations in the rural countryside that claims the largest Belgian-American settlement in the country, this pie you eat like a pizza is a dessert staple in the communities around Brussels.

Next up is the lawyer (no, not the litigious kind). James Larsen of Husby’s Food & Spirits in Sister Bay fills us in on the fish known by many as the poor man’s lobster, and why you need to try this for yourself when the catch is in.

Finally, no Door County food story is complete without a look at the fish boil. Chad Klaubauf shows us the glory of the Door County Fish Boil at the Old Post Office Inn in Ephraim.

Join us and tempt your taste buds with Door County’s unique food finds. Happy eating!

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