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Practicing Sustainability in Door County


It's no secret the Door County community is on a mission to protect, preserve, and care for the local environment and culture. We're excited to see word is spreading that you can have a fun, satisfying, and action-packed adventure up here while still ensuring your trip activities sustain and respect our local community and outdoor spaces.

Here are a few fun-filled, family-friendly activities perfect for teaching kids about the beauty of the great outdoors and the importance of being good stewards to the world around us.

1 • Take a day-long hike, keeping things slow and stopping to admire the incredible forest, lake, and peninsula views.

Hiking Clay banks

2 • Attend a community farmers market or pick your own fruit at a local orchard or farm and see what it really means to eat fresh, local, and seasonal produce and ingredients.

Farmers Market

3 • Bring your fishing equipment and cast a line from a marina, or charter a fishing boat and learn how to fish safely and sustainably from the pros.

Fishing in Door County

4 • Go wildlife viewing and look for birds, small mammals, insects, and more. Watching animals in their natural habitats can help kids see there's a whole, wild world out there to be discovered from a safe distance.

Wildlife Viewing

5 • Go lighthouse hunting and reflect on Door County’s rich maritime past and how the lake and local shipbuilding culture have influenced day-to-day life.

Lighthouse Viewing

6 • Enjoy an island adventure and lake views via bicycle. Teach kids that fitness is not only healthy but fun and rewarding too.

Island Adventure

7 • Do some stargazing at Newport State Park and marvel at the largeness of the planet and the universe.


8 • Take a guided naturalist tour at a state park to get an in-depth lesson about its ecology and history.

Tour a State Park

9 • Attend a play or musical event and get the kids excited for the performing arts — and instill the idea that arts and cultural pursuits are as worth preserving as our outdoor ones.

Musical Events

Pledge to Leave No Trace

Door County’s partnership with Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics began in 2019 and helps to ensure a sustainable future for Door County’s outdoor spaces. Initiatives include creation and promotion of Door County’s Leave No Trace 7 principles; access to research, training programs, and educational programs; and working with land managers to become Gold Standard Sites.

We urge all Door County residents and visitors to follow the seven principles below of Leave No Trace. Go to to learn more.

  • Know Before You Go

  • Stick to the Trails

  • Trash Your Trash

  • Be Careful with Fire

  • Leave It As You Find It

  • Keep Wildlife Wild

  • Share Our Trails, Roads, and Natural Resources

Take the Door County Pledge and sign the document that shows your commitment to preserving our environmental and cultural heritage for generations to come. 

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