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What’s Your Camping Style?


Now that fall has arrived with lower temperatures and fewer pesky mosquitoes, camping season is peaking along with fall color in Door County. Now is the time to grab the tent, sleeping bags, and s’mores fixings and set off for a state park or one of the private campgrounds scattered up and down the peninsula and Washington Island.

Costs for reservations vary, depending on the amenities offered. Standard campgrounds can include as little as a bathroom building and as much as a pool, game room, and basketball courts. What is your camping style—minimal or amenity-laden? You can find it all in Door County. Read on to see what options best suit your style! 

Traditional Camping

If you are looking for the most common variety of camping—the variety with a tent site you can drive to, a fire ring, and perhaps a picnic table—you’ll find plenty of options. Two of our five state parks (Potawatomi & Peninsula) are favorite places to camp, but of course there are many private campgrounds that offer various additional amenities and scenery.

Rustic Camping

Hike-In Only Camping

If you are in for more of an adventure or for something a bit more off the beaten trail, booking a hike-in only campsite might be up your alley. There are several options in Door County for getting more rustic with your camping. Both Newport State Park and Rock Island State Park offer camping only accessible on foot: at Newport you’ll find 16 hike-in sites and on Rock Island there are 40 hike-in sites, which also require two ferry rides (or your own boat) to access.

Winter Camping

Truly put your preparation skills to work with winter camping, which is offered to hearty souls at Peninsula State Park, Potawatomi State Park, and Newport State Park. Depending on the month you go, you may want to bring your snowshoes or cross country skis along. And definitely bring your sled for Hill 17 if you stay at Peninsula State Park!

Camping Resort-Style

If you prefer to go with more amenities, you might consider looking into some of the camping resorts that offer options from playgrounds and in-ground pools to deluxe cabins. Or, bring your RV along with you for all your own creature comforts.

Ready to plan your camping trip? Visit the camping page for more outdoorsy inspiration or use The Trip Planner to start planning and find recommendations tailored to your camping style.

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