See Yourself In
Southern Door

See Yourself in Southern Door

Southern Door’s geographical location makes it the first place you’ll see when you enter the county and is a little less known than the rest of the county. It covers about 30 square miles and tons of shoreline with Green Bay waters to the west and Lake Michigan to the east. Southern Door is composed of seven unique townships with smaller communities in each that are sure to be a delight for any visitor that loves a little heritage.

The seven townships are: The town of Clay Banks, the township of Forestville, the town of Brussels, the township of Union, the township of Gardner, the town of Nasewaupee and the town of Sturgeon Bay.

“The natural beauty that Door County is known for is also present at this southern end,” says Gina Guth Wautier, President of the Southern Door Business Association. “Beautiful state and county parks, endless wildlife, forests, rolling fields and farmlands unfold around you here.”

Attractions and Activities

Whether you’re horseback riding the Ahnapee State Trail, camping at Quietwoods, fishing in Gardner Township or climbing the Potawatomi State Park tower, there is something in Southern Door for every active go-getter. “Southern Door is known for its’ amazing outdoor activities.” says Wautier. Southern Door is known as Door County’s favorite winter escape, especially since most businesses are open year round. Visitors can experience the beauty of Wisconsin from a canoe in the summer and a snowmobile in the winter - the options are limitless for adventure here.

The small-town communities here are full of history and rich Belgian heritage, which is visible in the historic chapels, one-room schoolhouses and unique redbrick homes. To fully experience the Belgian culture the Brussels Lions Club sponsors an annual event each July. At the event, which has been going on for 54 years, visitors can enjoy ethnic food, drinks, music and children’s activities. For even more historical fun try visiting the Peninsula Belgian American Club and the Belgian Heritage Center. Southern Door is even home to Claflin County Park and Claflin Rock, which are named after the county’s very first settler from 1835.

If you’re not the adventurous type you can still soak up the beautiful scenery of our blossoming orchards and relax while wandering through our quaint shops and farmers markets.

Wining, Dining & Lodging

There are a number of options to choose from for accommodations including lodges, resorts, cottages, motels, campgrounds and vacation rentals. We have housing to suit visitors’ needs for just about any size group.

Regarding dining, there is a culinary variety of pubs, bars, bistros, diners and home-style cafes that are open all year round. If you enjoy outside seating, live music, Friday fish-boils, and beautiful waterfront or marina views, then you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Southern Door has a lot to offer, especially if you’ve got an active lifestyle. Check out Southern Door’s site for more information to help you plan your next visit and make sure to consider the upcoming events later this month: Run Wild in Potawatomi State Park and the Quietwoods South Haunted Mansion.