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Know Your Blossoms: Virtual Cherry & Flower Season is Here

Just as Door County and its residents are preparing for the return of travel season, the local wildflowers and famous cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom, readying themselves to be admired from the comfort and safety of your home.

The good news is, with modern technology, there are plenty of ways to admire the local flora from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Here are just a few ways to observe and appreciate spring’s bounty from home.

Binge a Cherry Video Marathon

Take a break from your regular scheduled programming and take a deep dive into the All Things Cherry video gallery. From their industrial history to their aesthetic beauty to one of the best pie recipes we’ve found, we cover the many facets of the cherry’s role in Door County.

Visit Cherry Gallery

Plan Out Your Blossom Adventure for the Future

If you were in Door County, you’d find cherry blossoms and wildflowers everywhere you looked. What you see depends, of course, on what’s in season, so if you're up here in during blossoms season in the future, be sure to check out the Blossom Tracker (above) to know which flowers will be blooming and which stage the cherries will be in before you arrive. 

Both blossom-viewing season (mid-to-late May) and cherry-picking season (more like mid-August) have their benefits, so decide which works best for your preferences.

Cherries are a big attraction around here, but their allure may not fill up an entire weekend. Read up on some of our top trip ideas to compliment a weekend in Door County.

Virtually Follow Along with Blossom Trackers

Whether cherries or flowers are more your thing, we’ve got you covered with these mother-nature progress trackers. Check them every few weeks or use them to try to estimate when the blossoms will bloom and plan your trip for future years accordingly. Following the blossoms’ progress can help you get a feel for their growing cycles so you can try to plan your trip for a week when things are in full bloom.

View Cherry Report
View Blossoms Report

Cook Your Way Into the Cherry Mindset

If your interests lean culinary, find some dried cherries or cherry juice and page through the Cherries section of the Door County Recipe Book to find some local snacktime inspiration. The cherry wine-braised ribs and cherry margarita are both can’t-misses!

Food is one of the most meaningful ways in which we connect to a locale and develop a sense of place, so we hope these recipes can provide you with a brief but powerful surge of this connection as you cook up something amazing in your own kitchen.

View Recipe Book

As you enjoy these cherry micro-experiences, try to imagine yourself cruising down a blossom-covered Highway 42 or photographing endless wildflowers in the woods—whatever helps you return to a feeling, a moment, a taste, or a scent that reminds you of Door County. We’ll be here, getting ready to welcome you back to everything that makes this place so special.

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