Update in Progress

It happens regularly. To stay current a resort must update their furniture, paint, carpet, artwork and more. And the Landmark Resort recently launched a year-long campaign to complete a massive update. The lobby in the Navigator building was just completed. That follows numerous suites that saw a complete re-do this spring. Other suites are in the final stages of tiling, carpeting, adding new furniture and accessories. 

“This was the initial test run,” says Patti Taylor, General Manager at the Landmark Resort. “The majority of the work begins this fall and goes into the spring of 2017. However, the model units that were completed recently are beautiful. Guests can visit our check-in area and see many of the lamps, selection of artwork, and accessories that will be included in the updates. We’re all very excited about the changes”

The Landmark Resort board and management team selected the update packages. This follows many recent improvements at the resort, including improvements to the locker rooms, pools, whirlpools, high-efficiency toilets, and the list goes on. See more progress here.